Thursday, 16 June 2011

Just a few pics of the last few month's progress .... Things have been a little slow due to payed work which has to be done! I'v started the sail making process and reckon they are 80% there now. Got to get the masts started.
We are away for the rest of the summer sailing on a friends boat...... towards Jan Mayan.....

sail making.... I'v started .....


  1. Hi Dan,

    The boat looks great. I just discovered dory cruisers and am enjoying your blog. Do you happen to know of any other blogs or build logs out there for Benford's dories?

  2. Oh, and I'd love a look at that Sketchup file if you are willing to share?

  3. Hello,
    Your explanations and images ditch my help.
    I want to make a e-book about how to build a boat with vele.Barca we built in 1977, but we did not have a camera handy, so I am inspired by your pictures. I hope you do not mind. Thanks