Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sailing Hestur !!

I have very little time to write, but here are a few pictures of the end result. Words cannot describe how delighted we are with the boat. We set off south From Ullapool on the 20th of may for a five day 'test sail' and got down to Oban. Lots happened in these few days including southerly winds and Engine failure !! all fixed now. We have been in land locked Shropshire for the last week but heading back to the boat tonight to sail back north to Ullapool (of course now we have Northerly winds!!!)
Will write more about the final rigging soon...


  1. You said it Dan, she is amazing, and so is all the work you have put into building her.

    Congratulations on the first (of many) trips in her.

  2. Mike said it. And I must add my congratulations. A very impressive effort.
    Chris Perkins has promised a photo shoot when you get back to Ullapool (if you two are willing). I look forward to that, as do my readers.


  3. It is with enjoyment that I have come across your blog. You see, I have also built a Badger with my wife. We named her Easy GO and she has taken us many places including two Atlantic crossings. We have sailed and lived aboard her since 2006 when we launched. Your Badger is absolutely beautiful and will take you anywhere you care to dream about. The Junk Rig is the best sailing rig by far and will only give you more confidence as time goes on.