Saturday, 20 July 2013

Finished in Bristol...

So its been a while since the last post here, it all been going on .... Where do i start?! Better start with where I left, in Bristol.
Tim and i finished the 17' Gartside Yawl with great results if i may say so myself. She is a fine boat to sail and look at, as with all of Paul Gartside's boats.
After the Yawl was finished myself and Ben Punter laid a new teak Deck on a 42' Swan yacht. This took us through to mid May.

I have to say working with Tim Loftus (& Ben) at the Underfall Yard Bristol was the best, great guys and great work - also all the other top people in
the yard from Star Yachts and RB boatbuilding ( Cheers and I hope to be back some time. Bristol in general was a really fantastic place to stay,
so much going on from sailing in the docks, climbing in the gorge , great cycling , much music, caving adventures...... the list go's on!

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