Friday, 16 December 2016

Still here!!!

So its been a long time and many miles under the keel since I added anything here. What happened? Well, as for the blog, while we were cruising abroad Hestur, Charlottes blog somewhat took over - She is a much better writer and more diligent, so with limited internet while traveling it was best she kept hers going rather that us both fighting over one laptop. So the rest of our Atlantic adventures can found at starting here wher i seem to have stopped writing.
After Crossing the Atlantic in January 2014 (cant believe it was that long ago) with relentless strong tradewinds in 18 days we spent the season cruising the Eastern Carribean. Following Antigua Classics week we set sail for the Azores but ended up in Bermuda mainly due to a severe lack of wind from the right direction (10 days sail). Then across to the Azores in 18 days and back north to Scotland via Ireland and Wales. Really really great sailing all the way with with a mix of lows and highs in the north atlantic.
Hestur continues to be the perfect boat for us - in fact she has become a 'family boat' as Ella was born on 22/10/2015. She enjoyed her first summer cruising this year around the Outer Isles in north west Scotland.
I have been fully engaged boatbuilding since we arrived home - I have now joined forces with Tim Loftus who has moved back to Ullapool with his family. We have our workshop here and will soon have a boatyard and slipway opening up in summer 2017.
We now trade as Johnson & Loftus Boatbuilders and our website can be found here:
My interest in Junk Rig continues to develop - I have converted a 30' yacht to cambered Junk for a client last year. I need to write that up........ whooo believe me that camber adds power!!

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