Friday, 7 January 2011

12 Months on

12 months since starting so its worth a look. Have had a few days back at it in the new year- have got the second final layer
of ply on the deck (with help from Ash thanks) and so the hull is officially complete in its main structure. - I used up the last
3 sheets of ply on this from the original 70 odd! not a bad guess. Then managed to get all the port holes/ lights cut - this was well worth doing to let in light and air for the interior painting job that charlotte has started. For the port hole openings I rough cut with jigsaw then finished off with a jig/ template for the router. Also cut a big hole in the deck for where the dome will sit above the companion way. Not sure if to make this slide or fix it shut- i think i
know which option will not leak....

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