Sunday, 15 May 2011

I could not find a galley sink that I liked so I decided to make one out of ply and build it directly into the worktop. this seems to have worked well . i made it double - luxury. one side is small the other largish. Should be good for conserving water - i bet the small one is used most (about the size of a large ice cream tub). the whole lot is glass clothed with epoxy. They should drain above the waterline and so no need for a pump.

I found a nice chrome pump, double action, on ebay for £10 the perfect galley tap. I have plumbed it the tanks - i used domestic copper pipe with soldered joints bit of a experiment - i hate the taste of plastic pipes. I was looking at a well built 1960’s boat of traditional construction that has copper pipes for fresh water and all were in good original condition. The Taylors Parafin Stove is also fitted. So we now have a fully functional galley perfect for tea breaks!

My ply wooden sink...

Tap/pump off Ebay - £10

It has a pannel that slots in to cover it up also acts as a chopping board. Whole lot is woven glass clothed set in epoxy.

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