Monday, 16 May 2011

Interior work....

Interior progress

: One of the trickiest : choosing paint colours! Charlotte has now finished most of the interior painting, this has included many hatches and odd squares of ply-wood - it is amazing how many there are in a relatively simple interior!

I have now finished the chart table / navigation area . I have added a seat. This will also provide a place to sit when cooking in the galley.

In order to get this seat to work i slightly changed the shape of the port water tank - made it a little narrower but added to its hight to keep volume the same. Above the chart table are lockers, a panel for electrics and a shelf blow the portlight.

The galley now has all the main lockers/cupboards made although i have not yet made the doors and a few draws. I have used a few reclaimed draws that had been taken out of a local work boat i have been working on, this was well worth doing as they take time to make and are even dovetailed together.

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